About Us

Genco Energy Group - Fast Facts

  • Founded
    Genco Energy was founded 10am, 6th May 2007 in New Zealand. 
  • Owned by 
    Genco Energy Group is today 100% privately owned by its founding cornerstone shareholders and its management personnel through an Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP). Genco's international subsidiaries are co-owned by their local co-founding country managers.

  • Run by
    Genco Energy Group is run by an extended team of 19x project personnel.
    On larger projects the Genco team can be charged with running up to 250x site crew and contractors.  
  • Experience base
    The commercial and technical experience base underpinning Genco project success extends 50 years. The combined experience of our core Genco team exceeds 200 years.   
  • Projects include
    Power Generation including natural gas, LNG, landfill gas, mini hydro, diesel and commercial solar.

  • Located at 
    Genco Energy is headquartered in New Zealand and it operates permanent representation in Australia, Indonesia, Botswana. 

  • Project safety performance
    Genco's power generation construction site safety record stands at 27x projects worldwide. This includes an excess of circa 1x million construction man hours with zero LTI's or serious incidents.

"We focus on doing the hardest jobs - there are fewer competitors bidding on those"