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The genco difference

Genco Co-founder and Director Justin Sollitt shares his experience with what separates Genco and gives the Group its point of difference.

“Having completed dozens of projects internationally for a varied array of clients including many that were completed under a project recovery mandate – we consistently identify these key elements in our business that separates Genco from others in the power projects business:"

1. Genco are no-nonsense operators. The 'Red Adair' of power-gen is our reputation.
  • We bring to our clients the energy and drive of a results orientated owner-operator fixed term project team. We do not come to our clients as ‘wage earners’ looking for a job.
  • We run on an entrepreneurial spirit that is instilled in all our people.
  • We are international but not corporate. In today's world full of corporate buzzword speak, acronyms and fluff - Genco only understand these words: 
    "Delivery - results - reputation - shareholder value - quality - happy team"

2. Genco have skin in the game through staking our reputation on a project delivery.

We often hear of the perception that project management contractors don't have skin in the game like employees. The fact is the complete opposite - Genco are normally taking as much risk on in a project as the client because in the open market our reputation is only ever as good as our last project.

"The plain truth is – in this day and age with employees running power projects that have not started well, we often see outgoing senior project managers ‘resign’ under a veil of feigned performance and no accountability, sent on their way with a good reference (often required by law), only to pop up on another project and the cycle of under performance repeats.

Genco does not have this luxury - our projects have to be successful and accountable - the open market doesn't provide references for poor performance.

Projects delivered on budget to schedule, with a strong safety record is the only thing that counts".

3. Genco are ultimately responsible for the overall project delivery to a fixed schedule and cost.
There is a massive difference between promoting an involvement in a flagship project - and being ultimately responsible to the client for its delivery, under a fixed cost/schedule.

4. Genco brings an equal balance of commercial and technical experience.
A very rare commodity as most people are biased towards either one or the other. Consistently we see technically orientated power project managers with little to no commercial experience. The fundamental requirement to validate a project commercially before making key technical decisions is often completely overlooked.

5. Technical qualifications are important, but a broad international experience is hard to find.
Genco's experience at being able to turn a hand to every element of a project including: 

  • Operate on a 'thin file' / low maintenance basis with the client.
  • People management and adaptability, especially running a large project/construction teams.
  • Strong international experience, especially in developing countries
  • Crew pre-starts
  • Fronting media briefings
  • Project reporting to a Board of Directors or Energy Minister
  • Resolve industrial disputes
  • Liaise with stakeholder/shareholders
  • Construction contract administration
  • Tender bid evaluation
  • Run project financials, ROI and project funding
  • Oversee quality assurance+health & safety
  • Negotiate heritage compliance and native title

6. Genco personnel treats clients money as if it's their own.

  • Fixed schedule and cost are at the core of every project.
  • Successful delivery is the only thing that counts.
  • Genco are not 'no risk/not my department' operators always with our hand out.
    "Reluctance to commit, delays, 'process' becoming a business in itself, a schedule of 'NO' - and high up front cost - seems to otherwise be the norm".

7. Genco are remote/site based. 
Whilst we are properly supported by head office - we never make the common mistake of running a project from there.

8. Genco are international but not corporate.
Decisions are made swiftly at an owner/operator level by project managers with their reputations on the line. 
Genco doesn't let a project stall through either bureaucracy, a lack of decisiveness or delegation upwards. 

  • Commitment to the project at owner/operator/shareholder level - Genco are ultimately staking their reputation on a successful project delivery.
  • All Genco personnel are experienced in business ownership and ‘hard dollar’ contracting. We understand intrinsically the business of fixed schedule and cost.
  • Genco has an equally strong experience base and capability in the project commercials, project design, and project construction. All three are specialist elements in their own right and are rarely seen together by the same provider.
  • Genco has a strong commercial capability that only comes from extensive experience in business ownership and trading internationally - through all types of thick and thin.
  • Genco are highly effective in project contracts management and cost control - driven from on the ground at site, not in a head office. 
  • Being adaptable, Genco are comfortable in operating from the boardroom to the site office.
  • Genco bring solutions to the project, we don't come as part of the problem.
Justin Sollitt
Co-founding Director/Shareholder/Construction Manager


“The world is full of Admirals who have never been to sea”