New Generation development BY GENCO ENERGY

100MW Base Load Gas Generation Development

  • Queensland, Australia
  • Greenfields GT Development
  • 25MW incremental staged development
  • Full EPCM design and procurement 
  • Includes full project investment funding

35MW Transportable Generation Development

  • Texas, USA
  • Generation for remote Oil Fracking client
  • Design development of 2x custom Transportable GT's
  • EPCM design development 
  • Includes full project investment funding

18MW GT Power Plant Expansion Development

  • Sumatara, Indonesia 
  • Existing GT Power plant upgrade
  • Expansion to 50MW 
  • GSA & PPA
  • Full Procurement & EPCM 

40MW New Base Load Generation Development 

  • Sumatara, Indonesia 
  • 15+25MW Incremental expansion 
  • Base load generation investment
  • GSA & PPA
  • Full Procurement and EPCM 
  • Includes full project investment funding

25MW Remote Station Upgrade Development 

  • Botswana 
  • Remote Copper Mine
  • Upgrade of existing power house from diesel to gas generation
  • Full procurement & EPCM  
  • Includes LNG virtual pipeline technology

Not all projects have their detail published, some display general reference information and photos only. 
Specific technical or commercial detail may be provided on application, subject to client confidentiality requirements.