Project & commercial recovery BY GENCO

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job - wait until you hire an amateur" – Red Adair

140MW Power Project Recovery

  • Nigeria
  • 140MW GT Power Plant and HV Network
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • Partly constructed project
  • Full technical & commercial recovery advisory

40MW Power Project Recovery

  • Batam Island, Indonesia
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • 2x 20MW Gas Recip' stations supplying holiday resorts
  • Full EPCM design and procurement recovery

30MW Power Project Recovery

  • Java, Indonesia 
  • Distressed CTC and Schedule
  • 2x 15MW MFO 'heavy fuel' sites partly completed
  • Full EPCM & Procurement
  • Includes project investment funding

Industrial Project Recovery

  • Nigeria
  • Cement Works expansion partly completed
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • Partly constructed project
  • Full technical & commercial recovery advisory

LV / HV Reticulation Project Recovery  

  • Australasia     View project photos
  • 2.3km 22kV Underground & Overhead Reticulation Works
  • Required connection into 2x Live Substations (both 66kV & 22kV)
  • Total installation through middle of operating Petro-Chemical Plant 
  • Included full Safety & Regulatory Compliance management

21MW Natural Gas Co-Gen Power Project Recovery       

  • Australasia       View project photos
  • SOLAR TITAN 250 Closed Cycle Gas Turbine Generator 
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator 
  • Constructed within an operating Petro Chemical Refinery, in 8 months 
  • Total Project Management, including full Regulatory Compliance

Power Transformers positioned, ready for Assembly

20MW Remote Power Station Project Recovery        

  • Western Australia      View project photos
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • Total Stage #1, EPC Project & Construction Management
  • Includes 5.5km, Dual 22kV HV Underground Feeder Cables

220MW Natural Gas Peaker Project Recovery 

  • Australasia      View project photos
  • 2x GE LMS100 Open Cycle Gas Turbine Generators
  • Total Project Construction Management, from a bare site in 15 months 
  • Managed up to 250 site staff and contractors

Company Restructure & Recovery

  • Australia 
  • ASX listed Energy company
  • Completed full commercial plan to deliver solid business growth and market capital increase of AUD $700 Million over 3 years.

Not all projects have their detail published, some display general reference information and photos only. 

Specific technical or commercial detail may be provided on application, subject to client confidentiality requirements.