Project Portfolio

Projects managed by Genco Energy


1. Not all our projects are referenced due to varying client confidentiality requirements.
2. This represents circa half of the total Genco projects completed.
All projects were either developed or managed by Genco Energy.
Unless specifically stated Genco Energy does not purport to own the design IP.

918MW Gas Bridge Transition Development

  • 2019 Victoria and NSW, Australia
  • Replacing traditional coal generation coming offline
  • 2x CCGT gas installations at 339MW each
  • 2x 80+120MW BESS Utility Storage Battery
  • Genco site selection and TOC/EPC Package for SPV

100MW Base Load Gas Generation Development

  • 2016 Queensland, Australia
  • Greenfields GT Development
  • 25MW incremental staged development
  • Full project EPCM and project investment funding

New LPG Processing Facility

  • 2015 Sumatara, Indonesia
  • Skid mounted LPG processing plant
  • LPG for industrial consumer + power gen
  • Full project EPCM and project investment funding

140MW Power Project Recovery

  • 2015 Nigeria
  • GT Powerplant and HV network
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • Full technical and commercial recovery advisory

35MW Transportable Generation Development

  • 2014 Texas, USA
  • Remote oil fracking site
  • Feasibility and development of a custom transportable GT

18MW GT Power Plant Expansion Development

  • 2014 Sumartara, Indonesia 
  • Existing GT Power plant upgrade
  • Expansion to 50MW
  • Includes GSA and PPA
  • Full procurement and EPCM

40MW Project Recovery

  • 2014 Batam Isand, Indonesia 
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • 2x 20MW Gas Recip' stations supplying holiday resorts
  • Includes GSA and PPA
  • Full EPCM design and procurement recovery

30MW Power Project Recovery

  • 2014 Java, Indonesia 
  • 2x 15MW MFO heavy fuel sites partly completed
  • Includes full PPA and GSA
  • Full Procurement and EPCM

40MW New Base Load Generation Development

  • 2013 Sumatara, Indonesia 
  • 15+25MW Incremental expansion
  • Base load generation investment
  • Includes GSA and PPA
  • Full Procurement and EPCM

25MW Remote Station Upgrade Development

  • 2013 Botswana 
  • Remote Copper Mine
  • Upgrade of existing power house from diesel to gas generation
  • Full procurement and EPCM programme
  • Includes LNG virtual pipeline technology

Industrial Project Recovery

  • 2013 Nigeria 
  • Cement Works expansion partly completed
  • Distressed CTC and schedule
  • Partly constructed project
  • Full technical and commercial recovery advisory

Coal Dredger shutdown and refit

  • 2012 Victoria, Australia
  • 1600 Ton D11 fire damaged Coal Dredger
  • Part of 1600MW Coal fired power station
  • Full rebuild and refit
  • Includes mechanical / electrical works

LV / HV Reticulation Project Recovery

  • 2012 Victoria, Australia
  • 2.3km 22kV Underground and Overhead Reticulation Works
  • Required connection into 2x Live Substations (both 66kV and 22kV)
  • Total installation through middle of operating Petro-Chemical Plant
  • Included full safety and regulatory compliance management

21MW Natural Gas Base Load Co-Gen Station Recovery 

  • 2012 Melbourne, Australia
  • SOLAR TITAN 250 Closed Cycle Gas Turbine Generator and HRSG
  • Constructed within an operating Petro Chemical Refinery
  • From bare site to practical completion in 10 months
  • Total Project and construction management
  • Includes full regulatory compliance
  • Project cost USD $50 Million

Power Transformers positioned, ready for Assembly

20MW Remote Power Station Recovery

  • 2010 Western Australia
  • Stage 1, EPC Project and construction management
  • Includes 5.5km, Dual 22kV HV Underground feeder cables
  • Total project cost USD $70 Million

220MW Natural Gas Peaker Station Recovery

  • 2009 Taranaki, New Zealand
  • 2x GE LMS100 Open-cycle Gas Turbine Generators
  • Total Construction Management
  • From bare site to completion in 15 months 
  • Project cost USD $264 Million

New Generation Market Development 

  • 2009 New Zealand
  • 2 month contract for an Australian investment consortium
  • Full scope of generation investment opportunities within NZ 
  • Focusing on LFG, Bio, Wind, Natural Gas

New Generation Market Development 

  • 2008 New Zealand and PNG
  • For an Australian Power-gen equipment manufacturer
  • 12 month contract to establish new markets
  • Secured the rights to tender on 50MW of Bio / NG / LFG projects

LNG Production & Delivery Facility 

  • 2008 Western Australia
  • 63MW Remote LNG Generation
  • Construction requiring night scheduling
  • EPC remedial upgrade

LNG Production & Delivery Facility 

  • 2008 Western Australia 
  • A unique World first in Power-Gen, the “virtual LNG pipeline “concept
  • 200 tonne per day LNG Facility
  • 1800km Virtual Pipeline
  • Running 4x road trains continuously

14MW Remote LNG Power Station 

  • 2008 Western Australia
  • Greenfield expansion
  • Project managed full EPC contract  
  • Successfully passed 60 day load trials

14MW Remote LNG Power Station 

  • 2007 Western Australia
  • Greenfield expansion
  • Project managed full EPC contract  
  • Successfully passed 60 day load trials

13MW Remote LNG Power Station 

  • 2007 Western Australia
  • Project Managed greenfield expansion 
  • Successfully passed 60 day load trials

Company Restructure & Recovery

  • 2007 Australia
  • ASX listed Energy company
  • Completed full commercial plan to deliver solid business growth and market capital increase of AUD $700 Million over 3 years

15MW Remote Power Station Expansion 

  • 2007 Australia
  • Remote Mine (Silver and Lead)
  • 27MW plant expanded to 42MW
  • Reciprocating Prime Movers

Project Engineered, Incremental Expansion 

  • 2007 Queensland, Australia
  • Developed 26 tonne, 2MW Portable Power-Gen modules
  • 9x CAT 3520 running Natural Gas, (first installed)
  • LV, HV, controls, systems
  • Fully scoped and managed EPC

1MW Landfill Generation 

  • 2007 Queensland, Australia
  • CAT 3520 Prime Mover changed out to CAT 3516

Station Controls Upgrade 

  • 2006 Australia
  • Control System upgrade

Install LV & HV Switchgear 

  • 2006 Australia
  • Managed supply and installation contract
  • Covering 6 remote sites

Full Safety Compliance Upgrade 

  • 2006 Australia
  • Remote Mine 
  • Covering 27 generator sites

New 7 man Accommodation Lodge 

  • 2006 Australia
  • Building project to accommodate power station operators
  • New building, project managed from a bare site start through to completion
  • Includes local authority code compliance certification

1MW Engine Module changeover  

  • 2006 Australia
  • Jenbacher Prime Mover

0.6MW Gas Generator  

  • 2006 Australia
  • Jenbacher Prime Mover
  • Added to an existing engine hall
  • Running on CB methane

Gas Skid Upgrade 

  • 2006 Queensland, Australia

Remote 3.5km Gas Link & Compressor Station 

  • 2006 New South Wales, Australia