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Background Introduction & history

Genco Energy has its foundations established in the business of building & construction project management and contracting. The business evolved from founding company Wilberforce Holdings Ltd, a New Zealand business that specialised in design build Construction and Project Management. In October 2006 the principals of WHL were called on to provide project & construction management assistance with a power generation utility construction project in Western Australia.

Genco Energy Ltd was subsequently formed 6th May 2007 and the Genco brand has since travelled the growth economies of the world which latterly have been Australia, Africa and Asia.

Since 2007, Genco Energy Ltd has grown into the Genco Energy Group, operating in new generation development and EPC Project and Construction Management including project recovery.


The catalyst in establishing Genco Energy's reputation internationally, is the development of its specialist international project recovery team called on to turn around power projects that have turned 'out of favour' with critical cost or schedule difficulty.

Since 2006 the Genco Energy global reputation has been earned with the successful delivery of 27 projects worldwide on both greenfield and brownfield starts, involving gas turbine and reciprocating generation power plant.

Genco Energy Group has a history of projects in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, United States and Africa.

More information on Genco projects and successes can be seen via our Project Portfolio 

Project successes include:

  • Natural gas and diesel fuelled generation
  • Landfill (Bio) gas generation (LFG)
  • Coal seam methane (CSM)
  • Liquefied natural Gas (LNG)
  • Gas turbine peaker stations
  • Remote power stations (island grid)

“To arrive at retirement with an immaculate reputation, no blemishes or scars – means you weren’t playing your game hard enough”