Donations to Charity through Genco Energy

Through the success of Genco Energy projects, the directors and project crew have given back to charity and community groups through donations and participation in charity events.

E.J. Whitten Foundation

Electrical Superintendent Nick Gordon organised a donation to the E.J. Whitten Foundation on behalf of the crew working on the 21MW GT Co-Gen Project, Melbourne VIC, Australia.

The Foundation supports prostate cancer awareness for Mens health. 

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Nick Gordon (L) with Foundation CEO Ted Whitten (c) and electrical supervisor Stu Shuttleworth

Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari                                       

Genco Energy Co-founder / Director Justin Sollitt participated in his second Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari 26th May 2012 to raise support for the NZ Cancer Society. 

With hopes of breaking the 2010 Safari of $125,000 raised, this year the event raised over $250,000 and team Genco Energy raised over $2000 from sponsors, with Justin Sollitt contributing $5000.


Fundraising page 2012 Justin Sollitt's charity fundraising page. 

Rodney Times 2012 newspaper coverage.

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Click here "Helmet Cam" - midway through the Southern Alps and taking on the mighty Otira Gorge.

Click here 300+ scooters descending on the normally quiet town of Hokitika.


Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari

Genco Energy Co-founder / Director Justin Sollitt participated in his first Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari in May 2010 to raise support of the NZ Cancer Foundation. 

Over 230 entrants rode 50cc city scooters from Christchurch across the mighty Southern Alps and to Hokitika on the West Coast, approx 250km. This followed the inaugural event in May 2009, this year 230 scooters rode the journey raising over $126,000 in the process. Team Genco Energy raised over $2500 from sponsors, and Justin Sollitt contributing $5000.

Fundraising page 2010 View Justin Sollitts charity fundraising page.     

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Click here Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari 2010 official photo gallery.

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Click here 230+ scooters crossing the one lane Bealy Bridge near Arthurs Pass.

Taranaki Alpine Cliff Rescue

Taranaki Alpine Cliff Rescue received a huge financial boost this month, thanks to the coordination efforts of the crew working on the Stratford Peaker Project. 
Ross Eden (L) of TACR is presented a $10,000 cheque by Project Manager Don Sollitt and construction manager Andy Thomason (R) and included other mountain safety equipment.

View the article published in Stratford Press.